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***Due to summer temperatures, wine shipments are on hold until weather permits

(expected: September/October)



“An Arizona Sweetheart”
Ruby is our red wine for the non-red wine drinkers. It's also a perfect wine for summer barbecues since it goes well with burgers, chicken, ribs and even hot dogs.
Created in honor of Grandma Ruby, whose doctor told her to drink red wine for her heart. However, she didn't like the dryness of typical red wine, so she poured it over some sugar cubes to sweeten it up. After the first few days of drinking her wine she would tell people she had a hard time making it from the kitchen to the bedroom after her nightly “glass” of wine, which turned out to be a big Tupperware tumbler. Way to go, Grandma Ruby! 


Medals & Awards
  • Bronze - Festival at the Farm Wine Competition
  • Bronze - San Antonio Express News Wine Competition
Attention! Depending on the time of year, there may be a delay in shipping based on the current temperature in Scottsdale because heat can damage wine! Normally this affects shipments ordered between May-October.