Make Your Own Wine

Business Men Enjoying Their Personalized Wine Made by Su Vino Winery“Su Vino,” in both Italian and Spanish it means “your wine.” At Su Vino Winery, we make it easy for you to create your own signature wine. Not only can you choose the varietal of wine that you want, but you can personalize it through the level of oak and aging, by adding fruit or other flavors or by making it sweeter. Our well trained Wine Consultants are here to guide you through the entire process.

Nearly all of our wines can be created as a custom batch for you. If we don’t carry what you want, we can even create numerous other varietals for you. To get started, come on in to our winery any time that we are open to taste our wines. You don’t need an appointment! Once you have tasted the wines and determined which wine you want as your personal cellar selection, our Wine Consultants can help you customize it if you desire. (Most people like their wine, just the way we make it!)

While you’re waiting for the wine to ferment and age, you can create your label from our templates or even create a fully custom label that we can professionally print for you. Depending upon the varietal, you will come back sometime between two and five months later to bottle your wine. Bottling your wine, is a fun process, you can even bring some friends to help you. This is a great opportunity to try a little taste of your custom wine although for best results we recommend that you let your wine age in the bottle for a few months depending upon the varietal.

Our custom wine batches will give you approximately 30 bottles and range in cost from $250-$400 for the wine, bottles, corks, and back labels. Your custom labels are an additional fee. Come on or give us a call when you’re ready to create your custom wine.