Offsite / In Home Wine Events

Are you looking to host an event like no other at your Home/Office?

Su Vino Winery offers a one of a kind experience that will make your event unforgettable. Whether you are looking to entertain prospective clients, appreciate existing clients or staff, or just have a group of family and friends in for a party, Su Vino Winery can tailor a special event just for you and at your home/office.

What Kind of Events Can You Hold?

We have hosted nearly every type of event you can think of. Whether it is a business related event or a private party, an event at Su Vino Winery is a unique and fun event. Here is a just a sampling of events:

  • Bridal / Baby Shower
  • Employee Holiday Party
  • Team Building Event
  • Anniversary Party
  • Engagement Party
  • Employee Appreciation Event
  • Hosting a Wine Tasting Party
  • Birthday Party

What do Most Events Include/Cost?

Su Vino Winery will work with you to create the event you want. Here are several options that others have used in the past; keeping in mind we can design something completely different for you if one of these does not meet your desired event: Wine Tasting & Education -

1- Wine 101 - We bring 5 different styles of wines to the event, and talk about the differences. Sparkling, dry white, sweet white, 2 reds, Port

 For this wine tasting we will showcase the many different styles of wines from sparkling wines, sweet wines, dry wines, and desert wines. Our host will discuss the different styles of wine making processes, how to learn to taste wine, and give the guests a much better understand of the wine world and how to find wines that they will enjoy.

 $50 per person 

 2- Comparative tasting - We select 3 different styles of wines to compare and contrast, for example Pinot vs Pinot, Chard vs Chard, Cab vs Cab, etc

 For this wine tasting we select 2 of the same grapes from different areas to showcase the different styles and tastes that each grape can produce. This will help you to learn that not all grape varietals taste the same. 

$50 - $100 per person based on budget

3- Cult/Collector tasting - Have you ever wanted to try some of the most premium wines and have never had the chance to? Our cult/collector tasting will bring to you an experience that you wont forget. Our winemaker will show you some of the most amazing wines that there is to offer, for you to experience. Our winemaker will guide you on learning how to taste different forms of terrior, wine making styles, different site and grape clone selection. This will be a wine tasting you will never forget!

$250 - $500  per person based upon budget.

Contact Us Now at 480-994-8466 or sales@suvinowineryaz.com to schedule your event!!