Arizona Wineries

The state is basically divided into four regions for wineries. Northern Arizona, Greater Phoenix Area, Elgin/Sonoita, Southeastern and I would recommend trying all the wineries in the state! Having been involved in the Texas wine industry, I will let you know that Arizona is further ahead of the power curve than Texas was and I believe Arizona is producing better wines. The reason for this claim, it seems that Arizona wineries took the time to do soil samples and figure out what actually grows well in this climate, and did not just try to grow staple grapes. No matter what your thoughts of the wine from Arizona in the past has been, if you haven't tried it lately, you are missing out on some really good wines! Cory Whalin, Proprietor/Winemaker-Su Vino Winery

The following are a list of the current active wineries, listed by region and then alphabetically

Northern Arizona


Greater Phoenix Area

Elgin / Sonoita Area

Southeastern Arizona