About AWGA

The AWGA is a non-profit trade organization that is the only association or agency committed to assisting Arizona's wine growers in achieving their full potential by providing access to education, marketing assistance, legislative support and timely market information. We provide a unified voice to assure that wine grape growing in Arizona remains an economically viable industry for our future generations.

Whom We Serve:

Our voting members are wine grape growers and wineries. Our associate members are wine grape researchers, wine retailers, restaurants, hotels, B & B's and other hospitality providers and industry vendors, Our supporting members are wine consumers and friends.

Financial Support:

The AWGA is a voluntary, non-profit structure 100% self-funded through memberships, AWGA sponsored wine events, grants and a volunteer levy on grapes and wine produced by our members.


AWGA members elect officers to 2-year post. The officers make up an Executive Committee that reports to the membership. All work is volunteer, there is no staff or other administrative overhead.

Who's Growing Arizona Wine Grapes?

Arizona's vineyard owners are a diverse group. There are farmers who also grow other crops. There are also present and former college professors, lawyers, airline pilots, engineers, a Hollywood movie producer, a congressmen and medical professionals. Wine professionals from other states have found Arizona's wine industry to be an attractive investment are planning new vineyards in the state.


An American Viticulture Area or AVA is defined by the US Treasury Department's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms as having a unique climate, soil and physical features which distinguish it from surrounding areas. Arizona currently has one AVA, this viticultural appellation can be found southeast of Tucson in Sonoita.

Wine Facts:

  • Arizona has 35 vineyards and 28 bonded wineries.
  • Arizona Wines have been served at the White House since 1989.
  • The Arizona Wine industry generates $38 Million in Economic Impact.
  • Arizona Wine Country attracts over 30,000 visitors each year.
  • One ton of wine grapes can produces 178 gallons of juice.
  • A case of wine is 2.3 gallons or 9 liters.
  • The U.S. adult consumes 2.53 gallons of wine per year, up from 2 gallons in 1990.
  • On average, the Canadians consume 2.4 gallons of wine per year, the UK consumes 4 gallons, the Australians 5 gallons, Italians are at 14 gallons and the French consume 15 gallons per year.
  • Information obtained from www.arizonawine.org